Happy Tuesday blog friends! I can finally present you with my latest finished doll, Lucy the figure skater:
Non-figure skaters may only pay attention to the sport on Olympic years, but fans know that there are exciting competitions to watch every year. I can’t wait for U.S. Nationals, starting this year on January 22. Living in Germany, I’ll be watching them in the middle of the night. 
Today’s Yarn Tale tells of a day-in-the-life (well, a morning-in-the-life) of Lucy and her older sister Yulia, as they practice for their big competition. If you like the dolls, you can check them out on etsy here: Lucy, Yulia
Two sisters, Yulia and Lucy, woke early, before the rest of the household, long before the sun, even. The sisters put on glittery skating dresses -Yulia’s was blue and Lucy’s was red. A big competition was only a week away, and the girls had to practice in their costumes. They pulled fleece sweats and wooly socks on top because the house was cold at that early morning hour, and they padded softly between kitchen, bathroom and bedroom: breakfast, teeth brushing and stretching exercises. An hour after first waking, Yulia, the older sister, entered her parents’ bedroom and shook her mother awake: time to go, we don’t want to be late to the training session.
On this day, the groggy mother managed to peel her eyes open enough to leave the house on time, so the sisters enjoyed the silent drive to the ice rink. The dark, wet and empty streets reflected the red/green of the traffic lights in their puddles so that the whole street seemed to glitter. 

They arrived at the ice rink and the sisters hauled out their skating bags, kissed their mom goodbye and headed inside. The rink smelled like a mix of freezer chemicals and coffee, coming from Styrofoam cups the coaches were clinging to in their gloved hands. Except for a half dozen other girls and a couple of parents, the huge space was empty and echoey.

The sisters laced their skates, and stepped onto the ice. This was their favorite moment of every day: that first push and glide, the feeling was like that of a swan moving serenely across a castle pond. Today, in their glittering costumes, the sisters felt extra elegant.

Each skater took turns playing her music over the loudspeakers and running through her whole program, hopefully without a fall. Soon, it was Yulia’s turn. Dramatic tones of the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto filled the arena. Her program was perfect today! Every axel landed and every layback spin smooth and centered. When she was done, she shared a high-five with her sister, and stood at the boards with her water bottle and watched as Lucy took her starting position. Lucy was skating to Vivaldi’s Summer, and she too did a wonderful job. She was the more artistic of the two sisters. Although her jumps were smaller, her flexibility, and the breathtaking beauty of her spiral more than made up for this.

After an hour and a half on the ice, the sisters skated off, panting, sweating and satisfied. They were going to be great at next week’s competition! They couldn’t wait.