Are you enjoying your first days back in school-mode? The Yarn Birdy clan sure is. Here Rainbow Teddy works on some silent reading, while Nezumi Mouse and Spunky Kangaroo practice their spelling with a game of Boggle. 

I had great intentions for a cool post today, a written-and-illustrated Yarn Tale, telling the story of the Comet the Dragon and his difficulties at school.

Comet loves school, remember, but as a dragon, breathing fire and all that, the teacher and other students weren’t so thrilled about him attending. After a rather awful day in which Comet’s accidental sneeze nearly burned down the school library, the teacher sent him home, and Comet was devastated.

After he left, most of the other pupils didn’t think too much about poor Comet. They were busy with their own everyday challenges and joys. One student however, young Lasse the Whale, only in Kindergarten, hated to see his friend so sad. Maybe he could help, he thought. He did spurt water after all, even if he was only small. After school, at home in his pool, he practiced and practiced, until his little dribbles became stronger fountains.

When he felt he was ready, Lasse eagerly ran to school to show his teacher his skills as a potential fire extinguisher. If Comet ever started a fire, Lasse explained, all he had to do was blow the whistle that he would always cary around his neck, and Lasse would come running. The teacher agreed to give Lasse’s plan a try, and Comet was able to come back to school. From that day forward, Comet, Lasse and all his classmates went to class happily ever after. Hooray for friends who can spray fountains!

What do you know, when I sat down to write and illustrate that Yarn Tale, I got so into the story, that I didn’t notice the time, and I finished the whole story! It’s evening now, light dimming in the sky. I’m going to leave you with a reminder that the Yarn Birdy Back-to-School Sale is going on through this Monday, September 8, so grab the chance to get one of the cute characters from this tale for 15% off!