Yarn Birdy in 2015, Yarn Birdy in 2016

Jan 7, 2016 | Knitting Business | 8 comments

Have you all already reflected on your ups and downs of 2015 and written out your goals for 2016? On New Year’s Eve, my sister asked me about any 2016 resolutions, and I realized with a shock how completely and utterly I hadn’t yet thought about it. It hit me that one of the fundamental differences between my life before becoming a mom and after is how much less time I have to reflect (and reflect, and reflect!) on my past and my future. I’m too busy in the present, chasing around my mini-explorer son who has no concept of danger. 


But since it’s January, and I have (hopefully) another hour of nap time, I’m going to take a moment to reflect on this past year and articulate some goals for the next year. 


Yarn Birdy in 2015

Although I wasn’t perfect, I’m proud of how consistently I blogged this past year. 

I often shared my works-in-progress. It seems that in the thick of the often frustrating middle-of-a-project is when I have the most to say about it. My 5 favorite WIP posts: 

– Ice Skater Doll

– Baby Sweater WIP

– Walrus First Draft

– Second Sock

– Designer Ups and Downs


I had my fair share of finished objects too. My 5 favorite FO posts: 

– a tiny Bird from Rabbit Hole Knits

– Knit Easter Bunnies

– A stripy Dragon

– Practical Baby Vest

– Fair Isle Baby Sweater

Since life-with-a-baby was pretty much the main theme of my existence in 2015, I reflected a lot on the compatibility and/or challenges of knitting and mothering. My 5 favorite knitting and mothering posts: 

– How knitting kinda works even with a 2 month old

– How to Knit for Newborns

– Travel Knitting with a baby (aka no time to knit)

– More Travel Knitting ideas

– Delighting my baby with a Knit Clown

I also sometimes reflected on knitting in general, sharing knitting stories that inspired me and sparked discussion. My 5 favorite knitting chat posts: 

– How my Grandmother Learned to Knit

– Knitter’s Confessions

– My Experience Getting a Pattern Test Knit

– Musings on Acrylic Yarn

– ABCs Knitting Survey

Far and away my most popular posts of 2015 were those where I shared free patterns for little toys and treasures. Here are all the free patterns I shared on the blog this year: 

– Heart-Shaped Flowers 

– Tiny Bee

– Friendly Frog Finger Puppet

– Doggy Baby Rattle 

– Knit #2 Pencil

– Little Witch 

– Candy Cane

– Simple Ball

– Little Angel

– Plus a handy knitting trick to knit Narrow Stripes

For me, the biggest accomplishment of 2015, was publishing a completed pattern for sale. It was one of those goals that felt so scary and huge that it was hard for me to make progress for the longest time, but I pushed myself, and I’m so glad I did! A few folks have made and enjoyed Lasse the Whale since I published him, and I’m so excited to watch as people continue to make and enjoy him.

Now that this post is beyond long, let me turn quickly to my goals for 2016. 

Yarn Birdy in 2016

2016 will be divided into two parts for me, since I’m expecting a baby in mid-May. I literally have no idea what life will be like with two kids, but I assume it will be pretty overwhelming. Thus all my goals only apply for the time between now and May. After that, once I understand my new reality better, I’ll make a new set of goals.

My top 5 Yarn Birdy Goals for the first half of 2016

– Revise my Walrus Pattern for sale and edit 4 more of my patterns to prepare for sale. This is by far my biggest goal. It’s hugely ambitious, but also excites me down to my toes.

– Produce one simple pattern per month to share on the blog as a free pattern. I love how much people are enjoying my free patterns, and I have a bunch of ideas to share in the upcoming months. 

– Focus on one new-to-me small creative challenge each month. I want to keep stretching myself. I know for sure that one month this is going to be finally learning to crochet. Another month it will be getting good at continental style knitting. These projects will be very personal but don’t worry, I’ll still share them on the blog. 

– Connect better on Ravelry. Maybe I’m the only knitter in the world who feels this way, but Ravelry is so huge and confusing to me; I don’t even have most of my projects shared up there. What are your favorite ways to use Ravelry? Forums? Knit-alongs? Help me out here!

– Overhaul the blog by switching it to a wordpress website, with clearer links to patterns and projects. I’m totally over my head with this goal too, but I do have a pretty clear vision about what I want the blog to look like. I want it to still feel homey and personal, still sharing simple knitting stories, but at the same time looking lot more professional and easy to navigate for those who want to grab a knitting pattern and get crafting, rather than staying too long to hang out. Anyone have any great words of wisdom for building a better website? 

So that’s me last year and this year. What about you? What are your knitting/creating/blogging goals?