Back-to-School Sale

Is it back-to-school time for you or your family? Although my kid, still in utero, is obviously a long way from even knowing what school is, I’ve been absorbing the back-to-school jitters from my numerous school-going and school-teaching family members. Their nerves seem to be an interesting mix of dread and excitement. I remember feeling only excitement about back-to-school time when I was a kid, but I was a weird kind of nerd. Regardless of how positive or negative the sentiment, however, this time of year is a big deal.

Comet, the dragon, a nerd like I was, adores school. His favorite subject is geography, and he’s studying to fly around the world.

He’s pretty fond of reading class too.

Yesterday, Comet suggested that I celebrate his favorite time of year by holding a Yarn Birdy Back-to-School sale. What a great idea, I told him.

So, between now and September 8th, all items over at Yarn Birdy are 15% off!! All you have to do is enter the Coupon Code BACKTOSCHOOL when you place an order in the shop.

This sale includes 15%-off on purchases of the cute and cuddly, from Comet the Dragon, to Nezumi the Mouse, to a set of miniature fairy-tale dolls

Here they are, lined up and attentive, looking pretty ready for school, or at least for being your students in play-school, don’t you think?

The sale also includes 15%-off the always popular Yarn Birdy handwarmers, which, as summer turns to fall, will be quite useful in keeping those forearms warm and stylish while you do your reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic.

Perhaps most fitting of all to the back-to-school theme, you can use the sale to stoke that school spirit with 15%-off a teddy bear in your school colors.

Whether you’re celebrating the back-to-school time or dreading it, a Yarn Birdy item is just the ticket to get you in the back-to-school mood

What are you feeling about the back-to-school time, dread, excitement or both?