Halloween has snuck up like a bullet; now it’s around the corner, and I’ve hardly done any Halloween knitting at all! I did knit this little witch, a project that had been swirling around in my head for months, inspired by my visit to the Harz Mountains in central Germany this summer all the witch lore that imbues that landscape:

Her name is Mini (thanks for the name suggestions on instagram.) and as you can see she lives in the mountains. I do kind of love her, and think she’s the cutest, but her pattern is still a little complicated. Her broom would probably fall apart if she received some serious play time from any but the gentlest of children, so she’s totally not going to be ready for Halloween.

Can I blame my being way behind in my knitting plans on the extra sluggishness that comes from being in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy? I know it will only get more challenging to fit in knitting after this phase, when my babe is actually present outside of me. I’m trying to relax about my goals, fit in knitting when I can. I’ve generally accepted that this Christmas Season is not going to be a major active one for Yarn Birdy. (But if you do want to buy something now because you’re a super early Christmas-shopping planner, I’d be happy happy happy to take your order. đŸ™‚ ) My dreams of designing new Christmas-themed dolls, such as a knit angel may just have to wait until next year.

Some amazing Ravelry knitters have been more productive than I of late, and have knit up some Little Ghosts. I’m so glad that Yarn Birdy will be represented on Halloween, at least through these spooky fellows.

Clockwise from Left: Isis’ Wee Ghosties, kbrossmann’s 10 little Ghosts, thislazylady’s Booo!

How much do you love that whole Halloween set? Little Ghostie in with all his brother and sister miniature spooks. I am also a particular fan of the literature-knitting combination, and love the 10 Little Ghosts connected to the book.