I was sitting at my desk, knitting a quick and simple baby rattle the other day, when a question struck me: is it weird to knit for leisure in a straight-backed chair at one’s desk, like knitting is “work”? I’ve gotten into the habit of knitting at my desk because so many of my projects recently are work, and have involved note-taking and pattern writing while knitting. I’ve realized that I actually really like knitting at my desk. My yarn, needles, music, notebook, scissors -all those things are within arms reach. (And I can quickly bring a mug of coffee and a bar of chocolate into arms reach too!)

In bed? On the sofa in front of the TV? On the porch in the sunlight? On the beach? I’d love to know.

Besides knitting at my desk, I also enjoy knitting propped up in bed, especially for big projects like blankets, where the work can drape over my lap as I make progress. And now that the weather is finally warming up, I hope I can get in some outdoor knitting.