Well, I’m knitting a kind of wacky rainbow headband… and not sure if it’s going to turn out like I envision:

Rainbow Headband
I can’t stop thinking about my shop and what it takes to promote it and make it a success. Of course, I have no idea, and the whole thing will take lots of time and experimentation. But to that end, I printed out a bunch of my logo, the orange knitting cockatiel, on little cards. My plan is to include one of these cards with each package I send out, along with a small hand-written note. Just one more step toward looking professional. Here, Patches demonstrates:
Speaking of Teddy Bears, I completed a new one, and I just love him! I spotted the yarn in these vibrant colors on quick trip to the drug store the other day, in a sale basket for 99 cents and I knew it was time to make a little UCLA bruin bear.
UCLA Teddy Bear
Taking a well-deserved break from knitting, I had a great weekend. My boyfriend and I rode our bikes from Lübeck to Wismar along the Baltic Sea coast. I knew that the trip was about 75 km before we started, but what I didn’t know was that we would take wrong turns 5 separate times and I would get a flat tire. I also didn’t know that northern Germany could be so mountainous! I’m thought that I’m living in a flat landscape with distant fading horizons, but I was wrong. Anyway, by the end of the ride, I was going so slow, I was just one step away from rolling backward. All in all, fantastic.