Sorry blog readers, I realized I’ve left you hanging on the status of a couple of projects I introduced you to in January. It’s like putting I made you put down your novel, with a bookmark in the middle, promising you that you could pick it up again soon, and then I went and left your precious story on an airplane, or on the nightstand of some hotel. Well, okay, maybe hearing about how my knitting projects turned out isn’t quite a page turner, but still, it was unfair of me to leave you in suspense.

So, here are the finished Men’s Handwarmers that I first talked about here.

They were more challenging than I expected them to be. I had made them broader because men have broader palms, but it turns out men don’t particularly have broader wrists, so the first pair I tested out was too saggy on my friend George’s wrist. They the next pair was too short. I finally got the shape right on my third try.

They’re now up on my etsy shop, two pairs have already been purchased, and I’m excited for men to be on the hand-warmer bandwagon!


All the way back in December, I hinted at some Teddy Bear action that was happening in my world. Well, after two hugely successful bears for family members, I have now listed my custom teddy bears on etsy.

Which teddy color scheme do you like better?

Poogles. Remember them? I gave the finished pups to the friend who commissioned them just before I left for Germany, and it was fun to see how thrilled she was. Also, I shared some pictures on Yarn Birdy’s Facebook page, and my facebook fans were pretty crazy about them too. But you guys haven’t met the purple version yet. Here she is:

I couldn’t resist cuddling with them a bit myself before I handed them off.

Blue poogle, and purple poogle are both now etsy listings.


Looking forward, I am so excited for my next design project. I am going to make a winter olympics inspired / winter inspired / myself inspired Figure Skater Doll. It’s still all in my head, but I think I can carve out a chunk of time this afternoon to get her started.

You know, although I trained as a figure skater for many years, I got my first chance to skate on an actual frozen lake only last week? It was a lot colder than I was used to, but I couldn’t stop smiling.