“Congratulations, you are officially an entrepreneur,” Rani wrote to me when I told her I had opened my Etsy shop.  And I felt excited (but also silly).  Entrepreneur is a big adult world, and all I’m doing is playing my favorite game -knitting. 
My shop is called “theYarnery” There was a lot of giggling fun about what I should name the shop. Daniela was sure the clever pun was the way to go and suggested brilliant witticisms, from “Knit-knacks,” to “Ewe-phoria.”   
Ben the Frog, already sold, but working on making another one
I like my final choice of name though. The Yarnery is whimsical yet not limiting. It reminds me of other delightful words like “bakery” or “nursery.”
Like I said, the whole thing feels like a game. But being like a game is such a wonderful thing. Did you know me as a kid?  I was obsessed with playing school. I spend all my free hours devising lesson plans and inventing students, leading imaginary groups in assignments, and then grading their invented work. My life was thrilling because I could spend hours in this fantasy. 
3 pairs of commissioned cabled handwarmers
As an adult I’d never found anything that was as as fun to fill my life with as playing school had been; I figured it wasn’t an adult way of looking at the world, that I would never get that feeling back. I was wrong, because running my own little online Knitting Shop feels just as right as playing school used to.
One of those hand-warmers in action
It’s not just about the knitting, although it’s definitely partly about the glee of getting a little money for this hobby I do obsessively anyway.
Experimenting with new cabling patterns: Rose Trellis Hand-warmers
It’s also about teaching myself to be a better photographer. Do you know how important good photography skills are for any online business, but especially a craft business?
Möbius Scarf, denim colored
It’s about learning marketing tricks, and coming up with my own. Choosing which ones feel right to me and challenging myself to do them -this aspect doesn’t come as naturally to me.
Flowered Headband
It’s about learning customer service skills, and how to set policies about things like shipping and returns.
mini Pippi doll, my first sale
In 5 days, I am moving to Germany. The relocation will add new challenges to running my shop but I’m excited about continuing to nurture it and play with it and make it successful.