I gravitate toward small projects. I like making things that can be finished and played with within a couple hours or a couple days. Furthermore also love going to yarn shops without pre-planning. When a skein of yarn is particularly beautiful I can just buy one, spontaneously. If I were less a toy-knitter and more into making say, sweaters, I would have to swatch and calculate and make sure I had enough skeins before starting. Small projects avoid all that.

The smallest thing I’ve ever knit is probably my little bee, although Istanbul the Turkey, and my Little Man key chain are both close seconds.

That’s not to say that I never knit large projects. I’ve knit a couple sweaters (including the one I wore to my own wedding) that I love and am very proud of. My largest projects ever were two blankets I decided to knit up as wedding gifts. What is a more perfect and romantic wedding gift than a nice blanket for husband and wife to curl up under on a quiet rainy evening? Well, despite working on these blankets 6-7 hours per day for a couple weeks, they still ended up more one-person sized than two-person sized. Ah well, the newlyweds just had to cuddle extra close.

So now I’m curious:

And do you generally prefer large or small projects?