Royal Blue Hand Warmers

I’m so excited about this New Year! How magical that with the simple trick of turning a calendar page -poof! abracadabra! and a new beginning appears.

Yesterday, I wrote out 4 pages of goals and plans for Yarn Birdy in 2014.

A big goal is, I’m going to buy a new camera. Not something huge, manual and professional looking, but something with the power to take photos so sharp you want to reach out and touch them. I’ve been using a hand-me-down camera from my father, its broken parts held on with rubber bands, so this is an overdue change.

I also have some really exciting blog projects in the works. On this blog in 2014, along with my usual slew of newly introduced knit toys, stories of life as a knitter, and DIY knitting patterns, I will have 3 regular features:

On the 1st(ish) of every month: I’ll share some Etsy Finds: four delightful, whimsical objects hand-made by other small-business-owners that I hope you will love as much as I do. My first etsy finds feature

On the 10th(ish) of every month: I’ll share my impressions with you by focusing on my Five Senses. The world around us changes month to month and as I notice and share with you what I’m seeing/smelling/tasting/touching/hearing, I’ll invite you to reflect on your senses in your own corner of the world. My first 5 senses feature

On the 20th(ish) of every month: I will present to you an entirely new feature: Yarns about Yarn Toys. Each Yarn will be a short, fictional story, written and illustrated by me, based on the life and character evoked by one of my hand-knit toys. A PDF of each story will be available from the blog once I write it, so you can print the story out, and cuddle up with your Yarn Birdy toy as you read it. I’ve always wanted to be a children’s writer, and I am so excited that I can make this a part of Yarn Birdy!

Cinderella shares my enthusiasm

I hope you’ll join me often this year as I continue to build Yarn Birdy into a special company full of knitted fantasy and delight.