I got a decent amount of knitting done this weekend.

Knitting, I realize, is actually kind of compatible with a 2 month old baby. It’s a lot more compatible than, that other great love of mine, painting. With knitting, I can pick up a project while the baby contentedly kicks on his play mat, and when his tiny attention span has reached its end, I can put down my project, a few stitches further than where I started, and nurse/change/rock/cuddle him as necessary. Unlike painting, knitting doesn’t require huge set up, and does not leave you with dry, crusty acrylic paint lumps on your palette when you put it on hold for a couple of hours.

Moments like this: Hanging with baby and knitting = my heaven

Plus, last week, I figured out how to knit and nurse simultaneously. A a new skill combination set to revolutionize my life.

So what did I work on? First I started knitting a new finger puppet. As per a suggestion from instagram, I decided to design a fairy finger puppet. My mind was filled with images of leaf-like dresses and gossamer wings. When I picked up my needles to begin experimenting, not surprisingly, it did not work out like I had in my head. I decided, perhaps foolishly, that rather than cutting my losses and starting over, I would try to turn the fairy finger puppet into a slightly larger fairy doll. Failure number two. Her body looks like a fat larvae, and her dress is reminiscent of a lobster claw. At least I laugh when I look at her. Please tell me I’m not the only one to knit such laughable disasters.

Body like a fat larvae, “leafy” skirt like a green lobster claw. Yikes.

More successfully, I finished another pair of handwarmers. An old classic that I can basically knit in my sleep, which is what made it a great project to knit while nursing.

Additionally, my son is bursting the buttons of his first cardigan, and needs one in the next size up. Because I know that my visions of perfection usually outstrip my ability to work the magic on my needles on the first try, and because this sweater is a bit of an urgent need (god forbid I might have to buy him a sweater -my knitter pride could never stand for it!) I decided to pick a simple pattern from a book I already had and get started. I must say, this was a wise decision because the knitting is lovely and coming along quickly.

I’m totally excited about the idea of an orange baby cardigan

How about you, what projects did you make progress on this weekend?