I’m home again from a whirlwind vacation, sitting in quiet contemplation at my desk. My parents, the final vacation visitors, left in the wee hours yesterday morning. Now it’s just me in my little apartment, my husband away at work, my baby in dreamland in his crib. I feel, conflictingly, both lonely and full; sad that everyone has left and lives so far away, yet happy to be back to day-to-day living and working.

The trip and the family visiting was exciting and inspiring. We saw Prague:


 and Saxon Switzerland:

All three places were gorgeous. Luckily, I’d visited them all before, and didn’t feel too much pressure to see everything. Instead, I focused on visiting with my family members, introducing the baby all around, and relaxing.

Let’s talk relaxing. Remarkably (or maybe not, since I knit so much at home, it’s probably understandable that I don’t feel the need to fill my vacation time with knitting) my relaxing did not only include knitting. I did a lot of crossword puzzles. I adore a good crossword puzzle, especially one that requires team effort. My parents, sisters and I will poor over crossword puzzle books, the grids each a little too difficult for any of us to solve individually, but just crackable when we pool our knowledge. So satisfying! Is anyone else a crossword puzzler?

I had both an audiobook (the humorous, if a bit unappetizing, Gulp by Mary Roach) and a book for reading on my kindle with me on the trip. Before leaving, I’d picked While my Pretty One Knits, by Anne Canadeo, as dorky and delightful a work of knit-lit as the title suggests. It’s not the most quality literature, but I have to admit that I’m kind of a knit-lit addict, falling for the corny ways knitting is always used as a metaphor for everything from life’s challenges to the bonds of friendship. Do you ever read knit-lit? I know I can’t be the only one with this silly reading hobby, since there’s even a list on Goodreads called “Good Yarns” featuring 123 crafty stories and mysteries. (They’re basically all on my to-read list)

And of course, I did complete some knitting. One and a half Dotty Pots to be exact:

This pattern is wonderfully simple and addicting. Some nights in bed, I found myself saying: “I’ll turn out the light and close my eyes as soon as I finish this row.” but then, before I could stop my fingers, I was in the middle of the next row. That cycle would repeat several times before I could will myself to stop.

I’ll be back on Thursday with an update on how my walrus pattern writing is going. (That’s a promise that will hopefully keep me focused on actually working on it these next few days.) Until then, I hope you all are enjoying your July.