Today, I’m getting ready to pack a suitcase, pick up the baby and head to Prague! We’re not leaving until Thursday, but in the hopes of a smooth flight/vacation with a 7 month old, I’m trying to plan all the details for all contingencies, and preparing is going to take me at least three full days of work! The trip will be worth it though. A bunch of my relatives from California are on a European adventure right now, and we’re meeting up with them for the end of their stay. When family from across the globe happens be visiting your continent, well, of course you drop everything and visit.

On to important the important question:
What knitting should I pack for the trip?

You all know I’m a toy knitter, and toys will always be my favorites… but, I’m coming to the realization that toys do not make the best travel projects.  Toys have too many parts, too many twists and turns, not enough sections of “complete the next 45 rows in stockinette stitch” which can be done even when tired and distracted. Toys often require a high proportion of supplies to time knitting (multiple needle sizes, multiple colors, darning needles, stuffing…).

What to bring? I wish I had a handy 10 skein pile in the perfect color for a simple sweater just hanging out in my yarn drawer, waiting for the right travel opportunity, but I don’t. (Toy knitter remember, always buying just single skeins of each color.)

Here are the possibilities I’m contemplating:

1. Another perfectly practical baby vest. My baby has outgrown this one, after all. And the knitting is fun and easy. Downside: it’s summer, and there’s not a lot of call for warm layers at the moment.

2. This skirt, by JJK Designs. I’ve wanted to knit a skirt for myself for years, and it would be pretty cool to check that off my bucket list. This pattern seems really travel friendly as it is meant for any size/any gauge, you just calculate your stitch counts based on your personal measurements. Downside: I don’t have enough of one color, or even two colors, so it would have to be sort of rainbow-y. Which could be okay…

3. Dotty Pots by Frankie Brown. These look fun and addicting, and as my husband has a habit of tossing loose change around the house when he comes home from work, the finished pot could be a very handy thing for collecting said loose change. Downside: it’s a small project that won’t last me the whole trip. I could make multiple, I suppose.

I’m open to other suggestions for fun travel knitting projects, so throw them at me in the comments!