I’m knitting up an order of Handwarmers over the next few days. I hope to have 4 pairs done by the end of the weekend. (Since it’s supposed to snow(!) around here this weekend, it should be perfect knitting weather.) Plus, they’re an old faithful knit that I’ve made a zillion times before and I can pretty much knit on auto-pilot, so I’ll be able to catch up on some audiobook listening while I work. That’s just the kind of knitting I’m in the mood for. Let’s hope my 12 month old son is in the mood for a quiet weekend too (ha!).

Here’s some internet knitting inspiration for your late November:

To Ogle: The Instagram account Knits by Ed has been making my jaw drop with wonder for a couple months now. His critters are so lifelike and biologically correct; I don’t know how he does it. As I’m on an ocean animal kick these days, I’m especially impressed by his sea creatures.

To Make: Speaking of sea creatures, ODDknit has a free pattern for a prehistoric sea ammonite that I totally want to knit. In fact, I love so many things about this site, from the cartoon-illustrated patterns, to the designer’s knitting philosophy: using oddments and scraps of yarn, because it’s a joy and a challengeto take something leftover, or cheap or recycled and make it into something beautiful”

To Read: Mamainastitch is a newish knitting & crochet blog out on the web, that I’ve been enjoying recently. I might just finally learn crochet, if just to crochet up her sweet little toddler lamb hat for my son. 

To Smile: Since we were chatting about Thanksgiving knitting earlier this week, how about these crocheted Pumpkin Pie Coasters. They’re so fun and cute!