To Connect, to Inspire, to Make

Feb 11, 2016 | Links |

In case you missed it, I published the Piet the Walrus Pattern on Monday. Congratulations to Kim, winner of the Pattern Giveaway! If you’re interested in being automatically entered into the monthly Yarn Birdy pattern giveaway, sign up for my mailing list here.


This week, I’ve been taking it easy, feeling all the exhilaration (and relief -let’s be honest, it was a lot of work!) of publishing a pattern. I’ll hopefully be ready to turn to my next pattern writing project in some quiet moments this weekend.


Until then, I have some cool internet finds to share with you.


To Connect: If knitting is more than just your hobby, or if you’ve ever had even a twinge of a feeling that you’d like knitting to be more than just a hobby, you should join the wonderful and supportive new Facebook group (founded by Chelsea Fitch and Françoise Danoy): The Fiberboss Collective. I’ve only been a member for a week, but already gotten great practical advice and made new friends!


To Inspire: Do you know the instagram account Craftastherapy? It’s my current favorite, featuring a whole range of inspiring and gorgeous fiber craft pictures from their followers. I’m always finding inspiring new accounts to follow based on the pictures they share. (I don’t love them just because they featured my photo recently too.)


To Make: This cute unicorn hood from Mamainastitch is exactly my kind of project… except it’s crocheted! Reason number 1,234,567 to finally follow through on my goal to learn to crochet. 


Any inspiring internet finds you want to share?