The first cheer goes out to Halloween which is around the corner, and Halloween knitting, which is the best. The Little Ghost-eses are available again in the Yarn Birdy shop, and I’m working on a miniature witch to be friends with the ghosts. Furthermore, I got this great plan, how, in a couple of weeks, I think I might place a couple of ghosts around town, to be found and to add a little scary fun to a stranger’s day. Do you want to join me  in this spooky yarn bomb? You can start preparing by knitting up a couple according to the free pattern here.

The second cheer for October, goes out to the cool fresh air. Is there anything better than sweater weather, October light, and the world, quieting in preparation for winter, yet glorious in the mean time?

And the third cheer, goes, without question, to post-season baseball!!! Yes, the A’s lost yesterday (well, in the early hours of this morning out here in Germany), but just like last year at this time, I realized that my team doesn’t have to be playing for me to be obsessed with baseball radio. The slow building drama, the sudden explosions at bat that can change the whole lay of the game… I love this sport! You can find me up at odd hours for the next few weeks, knitting with the game on, starting with the National League wildcard game tonight -Go Giants!

What about you, Baseball -are you a fan?

and, What spooky knits do you have up your sleeve this month?