… the universe conspires to remind me that I’m only human. Whether it’s with my parenting (“man, am I good!” I said to myself the other day. “My baby isn’t even 3 months old, and he’s nearly sleeping through the night.” No, wait, why is he now waking nightly every 2 hours? Hello 11 PM, 1 AM, 3 AM and 5 AM, I thought I wouldn’t have to see you all again so soon.) or with my knitting (just check out that awesome flower I designed last week: I can knit anything! No wait, why am I now totally, utterly foiled in my attempt to figure out this d**n cable stitch?) I can expect a nice figurative bop on the head each time my hubris gets too big.

I’m visiting family this week with my husband and son. We rode the train over to my parents-in-law on Saturday.

Today’s planned post was titled: The Joy of Knitting on Trains. Comfortable focused creating time, uninterrupted by the distractions of home like email, instagram or the dishes that have to be washed. Lots of knitting progress.

Today’s truthful post should be titled: I Didn’t Even Manage to Take my Needles and Yarn out of their Bag the Entire 4 Hour Trip. Hello traveling with a baby, navigating a train change, and being unable to focus on anything but my hunger because I forgot to pack myself a meal.

And just because no one wants to read a blogpost without a photo:

Me, on a train ride last year when I was clearly more in the knitting groove.