Every Monday, I fill my cute little planner with the next steps I need to take for Yarn Birdy -what new designs I should work on, what old photographs I should improve in my etsy shop, what I should blog about.

And these days, if I manage to get one or two things checked off by the week’s end, I’m lucky. I guess I perpetually overestimate my energy, and underestimate how much challenges from my day job and exhaustion from my pregnancy take it out of me.

And friends, it’s only September! The holiday season has hardly started to peek it’s stressful but exiting head out of its summer hibernation. When I think about filling my planner pages over the next few months, and how few check-marks will end up accompanying those tasks, all I can do is sigh, laugh, and take comfort in cute turtles:

I had this guy, plus some of his friends wrapped up to ship yesterday afternoon, and I popped them in a canvas bag for the 10 minute walk to the post office. Okay, I’m slower these days, with the big belly I’m toting around, so it took me closer to 13 minutes. Well, when I arrived, I was about to fill out the customs form, and realized I hadn’t noted down any of the addresses I needed to ship to. Fail. So I huffed and puffed the 13 minutes back home, and promptly climbed into bed for a late afternoon nap. Which I woke up from after the post office had already closed. Just one of those days…

I guess this whale is just going to be a day late starting his air-mail flight.

Do you overestimate your abilities and plan/dream more than you can achieve each day, or are you better at judging your true limits? 

Oh, and P.S. I placed a huge order of Simply Soft Yarn… I see a lot of cozy quiet handwarmer knitting in my near future.