This time of year, we focus on things we’re thankful for, and for me, one of the first things that pops into my head (after obvious answers like family, and health) is the library. The library allows me to consume books with the voracity of a t-rex on the prowl, without spending money or overwhelming my already too-full bookshelves. The library is my best resource whenever my soul is sad or tired. 
So for my SheepishThanks Yarn bomb, I brought Istanbul the Turkey to the library. 
Today was a glorious day for a walk and a yarn-bomb: sunny, warm, and quiet. I set Istanbul on top of the Library Book Return, snapped a few photos, and then crossed the street to watch from a stake-out location to see if anyone found him.
Sure enough, a couple minutes later, a woman walked over to return her books. I nervously spied on her picking Istanbul up and reading the tag. I was thrilled as she seemed to smile, touched by his message of appreciation. She took Istanbul with her and walked right past my stake-out spot (I hurriedly looked down, pretending to be reading).

I’d like to think she’s going to put Istanbul in a place she loves or is thankful for, and the next person to find him will stop a moment and appreciate that place too. Maybe she’ll even be sleuthy and find her way to this blog, and leave a comment telling me where she put him.

This little act was absolutely a highlight of my Thanksgiving!
How about you. If you were to discover Istanbul, what place would you take him to? What place do you love?