It’s been a pretty successful week for Yarn Birdy:

– I spent much of my knitting time making a Comet the Dragon for a customer. Comet is my personal favorite of all my toys (shhh. don’t tell the other toys!) so I love it when someone orders him.

– I shared my Lazy Spring Bee pattern, and although no one has made one yet, people seem to be excited about the pattern.

– Most remarkably, the other day, I got an email from a woman who said she is interested in ordering 15 Waves the Turtle from my etsy shop. Oh my! I had to write her back to tell her that it could take me up to 6 weeks to complete an order that big, which understandably is longer than she can wait. She’s going to look elsewhere, but just the prospect of someone wanting 15 of my knits made me giddy and nervous and excited.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to “make my living” through this little company of mine. I suspect that with my current model of knitting toys to order, probably not. The fact that I wasn’t set up to churn out 15 turtles for quick turn around demonstrates the fallacy of my business model.

Nonetheless, I’m choosing to cheer at this week’s successes, continue to determinedly (and joyfully!) build my business, and keep my creative mind spinning.