Welcome to Spring!

It’s still supposed to be deep winter in February in Germany, yet we’ve already got spring blossoms up everywhere. We’re unzipping our heavy winter coats, pealing off our hats and mittens.

Any fear I’d had about designing spring accessories, at a time when I would rather be drinking hot coffee and thinking of sweaters, turned out to be unnecessary. I had a blast working on these spring headbands while gazing through the window at crocus blooms poking out of the ground and birds flitting around their nests.

I had fun too coming up with an entire “line” all at once -just like someone who actually knows what she’s doing in the fashion business. I tried out various different types of headbands, but in the end I scrapped most of my ideas and focused on the one idea that worked the best, a cabled buttoned headband. The cabling gives the cloth the perfect amount of stretch and firmness, plus, it’s a classic and beautiful look. I found the pearly buttons at a craft store the other day, and they are an added special touch that makes these Yarn Birdy headbands one-of-a-kind.

Once I’d perfected the design, I chose colors that both looked good on their own and would make a great looking group. I was hesitant to make a yellow headband at first (yellow on blond hair? probably pretty blah, I thought) but it turns out daffodil is my favorite one.
Which color do you like the best?

The headbands are now available on the Yarn Birdy Etsy Store, either individually, or for a bit of a discount, as a set of three. I’d love to know what you think.