Some Simple Storybook Dolls I’ve knit lately

Jun 13, 2017 | Finished Knits, Knitting Life |

anne of green gables knitting

Hi knitting friends, long time no talk!

Knitting has been my refuge during this past year. That is really not an exaggeration. Have I mentioned my second baby just turned 1? Well, that birthday marks, among other things, the end of the most challenging year I’ve ever experienced. Having two kids has been incredibly hard and humbling for me. With one kid, I thought I had the mom thing down, but my second has been a reminder to me of my limits, and how much a person can have to lower her standards just to be able to get through the day. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom; I just find it really really really really hard. I know you other moms out there are nodding sympathetically.

So, knitting. While the kids are napping, or are (finally, finally!) down for the night, I’ve been clinging to my knitting like a life raft to help me let go of the toddler breakdowns and the baby screaming that I’ve worked through that day. A happy side effect is that I’ve really produced a great number of lovely, pleasing knitting projects.

I was thinking I would do a little bit of catch up on the blog and use the next couple of blog posts to share some of the projects I’ve completed over the past few months. Sound good?

First Up: The Easter Bunny and Anne of Green Gables

I may have finished editing and publishing my Simple Storybook Dolls design, but I was far from finished simple storybook project ideas, and I created these two new Simple Storybook Dolls based on the basic temple.

knit easter bunny
knit anne of green gables

It thrilled me to discover how well the Simple Storybook Doll Pattern could be adapted to two such different characters as the easter bunny and Anne of Green Gables. I’m working on writing out formal patterns for both those variations but here’s a quick breakdown of the modifications I made from the original pattern:

Easter Bunny:

  • Used blue (obviously)
  • Significantly lengthened the feet
  • Fiddled around with a bit of blue/white intarsia to make some ears
  • Added an egg (based on my simple ball construction) and a paintbrush

Anne of Green Gables:

  • Made her hair via a simple technique of wrapping yarn around a book, cutting and braiding it, then sewing it firmly on
  • Made her dress, inspired by some gorgeous illustrations in my version of the Anne of Green Gables book, with a bit of brown/blue stranded knitting, lightly puffed sleeves, and a white pinafore apron

Next up, in a couple of days, I’ll share with you a set of animal sweaters I’ve made for my kids (preview: Anne of Green Gables in the top picture is “knitting” on my toddler sweater.)


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