Oh Knitter! What do you do when you suddenly have no energy for knitting? I’m not just talking about the short phases, the times after noticing a frustrating mistake in your latest project, when you have to put down your knitting, take deep breaths, go for a walk, and return a couple hours later ready to try again. No I’m talking about a knitting ennui that lasts weeks… months even.

Maybe you’re too stressed out at work. Yes, normally knitting is a de-stresser, the best antidote at exactly those most stressful times, but sometimes your stress is too far gone and even knitting feels hard. Maybe you’re feeling sick Yes, normally knitting is the perfect accompaniment to a sick-day in bed, but sometimes your sickness is such that you can’t even lift your arms to move the needles. Or maybe, like me, you’re pregnant, and for that strangest of all life phases, the first trimester, your whole world is turned upside-down and things you loved become unbearable. Knitting becomes nearly unthinkable. 

I didn’t suffer particularly bad nausea during this first trimester (thank goodness) just a lot of exhaustion, and the bizarre and uncomfortable experience of feeling totally unlike myself. Instead of knitting, all I wanted to do with my limited energy was cook. Now I usually enjoy cooking a normal amount, but I found myself these past weeks waking up in the middle of the night with recipe ideas and visions of complicated dishes I wanted, no needed to try out. Gone were my usual midnight visions of knitting stitches and new pattern ideas; they’d been replaced by dreams of food. While I did cook some kick-butt dishes, I felt a bit sad and guilty about my knitting collecting dust in the corner. 

Now that I’ve finally left the first trimester behind and am starting to feel more like myself, I get to announce to you blog readers that I’m pregnant (Yeah, there was a pregnancy announcement hidden in all that talk of knitting and cooking!) My baby #2 will be arriving sometime in May. More importantly, I get to again feel the joy that I used to feel about knitting. My needles are back in action! 

I have a second sock to finish, as you can see. Finishing this second sock feels appropriate to me while pregnant with a second baby. Sock #1 was all new, and so it was thrilling and exciting, despite the fact that each row was so slow on those tiny needles (as each day of my first pregnancy sometimes felt long, as I waited to meet my new babe). Now, making sock #2 is driving me a bit nuts. I just want to get to the good part -wearing my warm, finished sock. I have to force myself to remember to enjoy the process, to notice the special moment of each inch of yarn that winds between my fingers and around the needles to create the final product. Baby #2, I can’t wait to meet you. But I am also going to do my best to enjoy you growing inside me in that magical process of pregnancy.