Simple Storybook Dolls Pattern

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Friends, meet The Simple Storybook Dolls: Pippi Longstocking, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. They’re only waiting for whatever other wonderful characters you and I can come up with to knit, to join them as they sit there in front of their storybook.

doll knitting pattern

Okay, if you’ve been reading for a while, you’re probably asking yourself, haven’t I met these storybook dolls before? Because I’ve been talking about this pattern for over a year. Seriously! The idea of a simple doll whose basic form is a quick knit, and who can be easily modified to into any character of a knitter’s imagination, this idea has taken over a year from conception to birth. But a good, solid, detailed and clear pattern, one that includes a Storybook Doll template and the details to complete the three characters above, is finally here!

With this pattern I keep no secrets about how the doll is constructed. Have you ever knit one of those patterns where you cast on, and follow every instruction meticulously, but it takes until the finishing touches for you to understand how what you are knitting comes together into a 3D form? Well the Simple Storybook Dolls is not like that. In the pattern, I explain what you are making as you go along (For example: “legs are knit from top to bottom, with short rows to shape the heel”… and then there’s detailed stitch counts and a short rows tutorial to get you through). This way, you can really understand what you are doing into order to modify as needed. Making a doll with bare feet? Just don’t change colors for the socks. Making a rabbit doll? just make the feet longer and switch the hair to ears.

storybook doll pattern

Here are some technical pattern details:

This pattern is 14 pages long, written in English, and illustrated with over a dozen photographs -both in-progress and of the finished dolls, so it’s easy to follow. When you buy it (from Ravelry or from Etsy) you also get a “printer friendly” version -the entire pattern without photos- just in case you want to print it out without using as much ink and paper.

~Four 3.25mm (US size 3) double pointed knitting needles, or size needed for gauge
~Four 5mm (US size 8) double pointed knitting needles, or size needed for gauge
~Darning needle
~Embroidery needle
~50m (55 yds) skin-tone worsted weight yarn.
~10-50m (11-55 yds) each of worsted weight yarn in your chosen colors for each doll and clothing*
~Small lengths of brown and red embroidery thread

This is a GREAT pattern for using up scraps in your stash

Doll/Hair/Hat: 24 stitches and 30 rows = 10cm/4 inches in stockinette stitch on smaller needles
Dress/Shirt: 18 stitches and 22 rows = 10cm/4 inches in stockinette stitch on larger needles
Since final size is not important for this project, you can use any needles and scrap yarn that you have, just make sure that the yarn knits up into a tight, firm fabric so that the final toy holds its shape. Often, this means you should pick needles one or two sizes smaller than the recommended size for your yarn. If you choose not to follow the gauge, your doll may be smaller or larger than the size given.

When knit with recommended yarn and gauge, Simple Storybook Doll is approx. 22cm/8.5 inches from head to toe.

Simple Storybook Doll is worked in the round, on double pointed needles. Clothing and hair are worked both in the round, and flat.

In order to knit this doll you should be able to: cast on, bind off, knit, purl, increase and decrease stitches, work an icord, work a 3-needle bind off.

Furthermore, the pattern includes short rows, and kitchener stitch. Links to illustrated tutorials for both these techniques are included in the pattern, if these techniques are new to you.

pippi longstocking knitting pattern

I’m super excited about the ‘this doll can be anything you want it to be’ aspect of this pattern. However, if you are looking for a pattern for just one individual doll, I’m making that available too. You can also buy Pippi Longstocking, Peter Pan, or Alice in Wonderland as separate patterns.

(The links above take you to my etsy shop. For ravelry, click here: Pippi Longstocking. Peter Pan. Alice in Wonderland.)

Alice in Wonderland knitting


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