Egg cozies might be the most ridiculous excuse to use up bits of extra yarn that knitters have ever invented. Nonetheless, I can’t resist an opportunity for quick knitting experimentation, and so I jumped enthusiastically on the egg cozy bandwagon with my easter bunny egg cozy, and here I am with yet another egg cozy post, this time with a pattern you too can make. 

This egg cozy looks like a cute little ski hat when you put it on your egg.

Each one is on and off the needles in under an hour. I plan on making a couple more and giving a set as a gift to my mother-in-law to use on the Easter brunch table.

The (kinda mundane) story behind the pattern is this: I wanted to use some size 8 double pointed needles that I had bought months ago, but never yet used. (I use DPNs a lot, but usually smaller ones.) I also wanted to combine the colors green, purple, and yellow inspired by my crocus obsession. Easy enough. With these parameters, I began experimenting.

Using two colors in one row requires basic fair isle technique. You can watch a Youtube video here if you don’t know fair isle or need a refresher.

Cute Little Ski Hat Egg Cozy Pattern

You’ll need: 
– scraps of Caron Simply Soft Yarn (or equivalent) in three colors
– 4 size 8 double pointed needles
– eggs, duh!

With Color A, CO 27 stitches and divide evenly onto 3 DPNs. Be careful not to twist when making your first round.
Round 1: Purl
Round 2: Knit
Switch to Color B Round 3-5: Knit
Round 6: [k1 with Color B, k1 with Color C] repeat 13 times, k1 with Color B
Round 7: [k1 with Color C, k1 with Color B] repeat 13 times, k1 with Color C
Round 8: repeat round 6
Using just Color C Round 9: [ssk k5 k2tog] 3 times (21 stitches)
Round 10: [k1 k2tog ssk k2] 3 times (15 stitches)
Round 11: [ssk k1 k2tog] (9 stitches)
Cut yarn and pull it through remaining stitches. Pull tight and tie a knot. Weave in ends.

What Easter-themed patterns are you knitting this year?