Short Rows Tutorial

Feb 7, 2016 | Knitting Tutorial |

Short rows are one of my favorite knitting tricks. It feels like magic, how they can put gorgeous curves into your flat knitting. 

With short rows, you knit/purl only part of a row before turning your work. You may notice that I use short rows a lot in my designs. For Piet the Walrus, you use short rows to form the curve of Piet’s chest. For Lasse the Whale, you use short rows to form the curve of Lasse’s nose. Here’s an illustrated tutorial in case you need a bit of assistance in knitting your short rows:

Short Rows Tutorial

To complete a short row, knit or purl the instructed number of stitches, then slip the next stitch onto the right needle purl-wise. Next, perform the “wrap & turn.” To do this, bring the yarn from the back to the front of your work if you are knitting, or from the front to the back of your work if you are purling. Return the slipped stitch onto the left needle (the yarn should be between the slipped stitch and the other stitches on the left.) Turn your work so that the reverse side is facing you, and start your next row from here.

At some point working short rows, you will have to knit/purl a wrapped stitch. When you do this, it is almost always best to pick up each wrap and knit/purl it together with the slipped stitch, kind of like a k2tog for smooth invisible shaping.