Have you ever had one of those reversible dolls, whose alter-ego hides under her skirts?

I just finished making one of them, and as usual for my toys, I have fallen in love with the cute little personality (or should I say two cute little personalities) that emerged from my needles and yarn.

She’s now for sale on Etsy, although I’m secretly hoping I get to keep her for at least a few weeks before she sells.

I know I made her, but it’s more as if she emerged. Writers sometimes talk about their characters directing the story and telling them what to write, and I feel similarly with my toys sometimes. Each final detail I applied -from the embroidered stars on her pink skirt to the red lips on her cute little face, it was as if she asked me to add them for her. (Not that Cinderella and I always had clear communication -I made plenty of mistakes, that she had to tell me undo first.)