Summer. The season of adventure. These past few months, I’ve been camping, and hostel-hoping in new cities. I’ve had lots of family trips and a romantic getaway with my husband. It really is a wonderful time of year for living.
But it’s a tougher time of year to fit in knitting. Are you the kind of brave knitter who brings her yarn and needles to the beach, without concern about sand in your project, or are you, like me, hesitant to risk this. I find it especially challenging to pack my knitting with me on trips because I’m usually designing my own products, not following pre-written patterns. Most designers include a wonderfully convenient list of “materials needed” with their patterns, so you can be sure you’re packing everything you need for a project. I can’t describe the frustration I’ve felt when, in bringing supplies for my own designs, I packed everything I think I will need, yet find myself mid-project and far from home missing the right sized cable needle. Maybe you’ve felt this frustration too. 

There’s a silver lining to this summer knitting problem. A major one. I’ve dived headfirst into a new medium of creating, one that is far more portable: drawing with colored pencils.

At the beginning of the summer, after one or two failed attempts to combine knitting and traveling, and another trip coming up, I purchased a set of 20 quality Farber-Castle colored pencils and a small cheap sketchbook. I spent a bit of money on the pencils because I wanted to make sure they would survive any amount of suitcase jostling, and that I didn’t end up unpacking a bunch of sticks with ever-breaking tips. I cared less about paper quality because I wasn’t planning on drawing masterpieces, just on experimenting, and on satisfying the itch to create, even when not at home. With my sketchbook, my box of pencils, and a tiny pencil sharpener, I have delightfully had the supplies with me to create on hand all summer, no matter if I am hiking in the mountains:

Or sprawled on a blanket on the beach:

What about you, do you create with multiple mediums, or do you stick to yarn and needles? 

Have you ever tried colored pencils?