I’m suffering from a minor creative block. My current knit experiment (a little boy hand puppet) is lying floppy on the living room floor, where it’s been for a few days, because I can’t decide how I want to knit the puppet’s shirt collar.

Today, instead trying to keep on knitting, and butting heads with my blocked creativity, I decided to play with some of the knit toys I’ve already made, specifically, my Fairy Tale Finger Puppets. I had the adult excuse of taking better photographs of the toys for my marketing, but really, it felt like playing.

I let Snow White and Prince Charming cuddle:

I made Pippi Longstocking dance around the room:

I had some of the girl puppets (Pippi, Alice, Snow and Little Red) meet on the fingers of my left hand for a girls-night-out:

I carried Scarlet Macaw around on my finger, and pretended I had a real parrot pet of my own:

I sat some of the animal puppets (bunny, peacock, frog, macaw and lion) down for an animal council meeting:

Here’s a photo of the puppet playground/photography area I set up with blank white canvases on the sofa. The large box of diapers on the right came in handy as a makeshift tripod to hold the camera steady in the photos that included my hands. I love taking a “zoomed out” photo during these photo shoots, because its so funny to see the real life context that I’ve worked to hide in the photos.

Anyway, I hope relaxing and being playful will help me bust through my creative block and finish that hand puppet this weekend. I also hope you all have a wonderful weekend, whether it’s relaxing or productive or both.