Piet the Walrus Pattern Details

Feb 8, 2016 | Knitting Pattern | 2 comments

I’m celebrating today, because my big, ambitious, multi-step project to get the Piet the Walrus Pattern completed and perfected is finished and today, he’s a published toy! 


This pattern is so special to me. I think anyone who’s ever written a pattern knows how much work goes on behind the scenes to make it just right: from initial designs (and design dead-ends that require rethinking!) to writing up your ideas in a way that others will understand, to test knitting, editing and photographing. It could get annoying, but as I came to each challenging step and worked through it, my love for this cute little walrus only grew stronger. 


A special moment for me was receiving all the awesome photos of the finished walruses my test knitters created. Each test knitter followed the instructions to create something totally unique and super cute. This is exactly what I hope my patterns can do for people: empower them in their own individual creations. 

Here are some pattern details: 

– The pattern is 8 pages long, illustrated with over a dozen photographs to make sure all steps are crystal clear and easy to follow.


Skills: Piet the Walrus is knit in-the-round, with a couple sections knit flat.
The pattern includes: Casting on, binding off, knitting, purling, increasing and decreasing stitches, icord, provisional cast-on*, short rows*, and basic finishing techniques. 

 *Don’t be intimidated if you don’t feel confident about knitting these techniques. I’ve got illustrated tutorials for provisional cast on, and short rows here on the blog.

Time: Piet’s a quick project: my testers ranged from needing 4 to 10 hours of work to complete him.  

Gauge and Materials: One of the cool things about Piet (and all my patterns) is that he lends himself well to stash busting. You can pick your favorite yarns, combine them with a needle-size that knits up to form a firm fabric and voila, you’ve got your materials already on hand. If you want a bit more guidance, I used:

Five 3.25mm (US size 3) double pointed knitting needles
60m (65 yds) sport weight light brown yarn
60m (65 yds) sport weight dark brown yarn
5m (5 yds) sport weight fuzzy brown yarn
5m (5 yds) sport weight white yarn
scrap yarn in black
Darning needle

Piet the Walrus Pattern is available for sale on Etsy and Ravelry


I am SO EXCITED to see the unique walruses that you amazing knitters are going to make.


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