This weekend, I needed a bit of a knitting break. I love the activity, but on Saturday, I felt that if I held a pair of sticks for just one more minute I would throw them at something.

Besides, this little guy was visiting:

A not yet fully trained puppy is a very good excuse to keep the tenderly knit stuffed animals, creations that probably look to him just like chew toys, well stored away.
Since it rained off and on, a long bike ride was out. Instead, I decided to paint. I haven’t had much painting time since I decided to focus on knitting, so this was a really pleasant treat. I flipped through some art history books until I found an inspiring painting to use as my model. And here’s the result: 

The million-dollar question for you readers is, what work of art did I copy as my inspiration? My painting doesn’t look exactly like its model (mine is obviously significantly less beautiful, graceful and awe inspiring) but it’s close enough that you might be able to sniff it out.