Tomorrow, I’m off on an early morning train ride down to visit my in-laws for the week. Today, I’m making packing lists. I kinda hate packing. Does anyone like packing? Anyway, it’s even worse with a baby in tow. The tiniest person, he has the largest and heaviest stuff: car seat, stroller, travel bed… will we even be able to carry it all? 
Besides having minimal space for my stuff in among the diapers and rattles, I also know from experience that it’s tough to get a lot of knitting done when traveling with a baby. I’m trying to be really realistic (aka low expectations) about my knitting ambitions this time. Here’s what I’m bringing:

1. My current project: a baby vest I’m designing myself. I had so much success with my last baby vest, that I’m confident this will be a pretty straightforward knit. I do want to tweak a couple of things from the first pattern, but hopefully I won’t run into any difficulties or mathematical conundrums that will make it difficult to knit-on-the-go. This vest is going to be bright green, with a dark green turtle crawling across the front (see teeny-tiny sketch in the upper left of photo). It’s already, conveniently, cast onto my favorite traveling needles (short circulars).

2. My next project: Daisy Dachshund, from Mel Clark’s Knitting Everyday Finery. This project has many advantages: it’s only one color, it uses a needle size that I have handy, it’s cute, it’s small, and it’s a pattern written by someone else, which takes a lot of the stress out of a project. The main disadvantages are that I don’t have a great brown yarn (thus my Daisy will be pale blue) and I have no idea why or for whom I am knitting a Dachshund pencil case. (Because the pattern is not my own, I can’t/won’t sell it.) What should I do with it when it’s finished. Any suggestions?

And that’s it. I hope I finish even half of it.

What about you -any spring trips planned? What kinds of projects do you like to knit while traveling?

p.s. my t-shirt is finished and it turned out better than I could possibly have hoped! I can’t wait to share photos soon.