When you look around my house and tell me I’m not the most neat and organized of humans, I’ll be the first to agree with you. I’m not a pig -I wipe and wash up food or other bug-attracting gunk as soon as I make a mess, but you’ll see my clothes in an unsorted heap on the floor in front of my dresser, my dishes piling precariously high on the drying rack, and bits of knitting projects littering every room.

Well, that’s the person I was until this last weekend. Over the weekend, my husband and I rethought our whole apartment set up and decided to do some major reorganization. A couple pieces of less-used furniture went down into basement storage. We swapped rooms, moving our bedroom into one with a bit more space, and leaving the baby, who was sharing the room with us until this point, in our former-bedroom-now-his-room.

Sorry for those mundane details, but I have to say: this reorganization is going to be life-changing.

I’m enjoying organizing, and putting my yarn and books on my newly purposed shelves

Our whole apartment suddenly feels more open and spacious. I love a room with a big open space in the center, a space that seems to be inviting me to grab some yarn or some art supplies and sit crosslegged with my project (and when my back is stiff from creating, the space invites me to push the materials to the side, press play on my iTunes and dance from one side of the room to the other).

Most importantly, all my creating stuff -my yarn, my paper, my computer, my pastels, my books, my fabrics, my needles etc. etc. are together in one space. The way things were before, a lot of my supplies were in the room where the baby slept, and if I hadn’t planned ahead well enough before nap time, then I had to risk waking him every time I snuck back into the room to get something. Grabbing another skein of yarn was basically a hazardous move. Now there’s nothing that can stop my nap-time creative super powers!
With this better organization, I feel like am going to be a whole lot neater, without even needing to try. I’ve already noticed the difference over the past three days. And neat looks so good. Who knew what a difference moving some furniture could make!