In September 2013, I designed and knit a clown hand puppet intending to sell it in my shop. Although I kind of liked the finished product, my family and friends were more skeptical.

My husband (then boyfriend) said that with his big empty eyes and creepy smile, he looked like a scary clown more fit for nightmares. And this from a man always extremely supportive of my creativity. I guess I could kind of see where he was coming from, maybe.

In any case, it seemed like the public at-large agreed with my boyfriend, because, although I refrained from posting the creepy clown for sale on my etsy shop, I did put him out at the craft fair I participated in a couple months later, and no one expressed the slightest interest in buying him.
Oh well. He got tossed in a drawer with some other failed projects
Then, a couple of weeks ago, my mother came to visit. She spent hours playing with her new grandson. In the search for new and engaging games, she came across the creepy clown. 
What do you know, my son loved him! To a baby, (or at least, to this baby) the clown face isn’t creepy, it’s bright and clear and easy to recognize. Also, the hand-puppet form was a huge hit. My son is obsessed with hands (his, those of other people) because they wiggle so much and are so nice to grab and taste. The wiggly hand-puppet clown had all the benefits of a hand plus being soft and colorful.

He couldn’t have been more enthralled.

It just goes to show, one person’s failed knit is another’s treasure.

I’m definitely putting more hand-puppets on my to-knit list!