Ever since reading about some marathon runners who knit scarves while running, I knew I had to figure out a way to combine two of my favorite activities -knitting and walking. 
Turns out, it’s pretty natural. The key ingredient is a little waitress apron with pockets for skeins, needles, scissors, pattern notes etc. 
Here I am setting off on my errand to the post office this morning.
I’m not in any danger of tripping or even stepping on dog’s droppings, because, keeping half an eye on my knitting, I find I have plenty of sensory capacity left to notice my surroundings. 
I had assistance taking the photo above, but I took the photo below by myself, while knitting and walking. Knitting, walking, and photographing all at the same time, I felt delightfully like one of those one-man-bands you might see playing on a street, to whom tourists toss change. To be really impressive though, I would need to master photographing with my teeth, or something, so that I could have both hands on my knitting.