I’ve got a lot of DPNs clicking these days. Here’s a look at my current 3 active projects:

1. I cast on my first ever pair of socks! with teeny-tiny needles. The needles feel like uncooked spaghetti in my fingers which is fun and at the same times gives me a nervous sense that they can snap like uncooked spaghetti if I hold them the wrong way. I wanted the most basic of all basic socks, because I figure I should knit at least one simple pair before dreaming myself a sock expert and going wild with a colorwork pair like this. So I picked the pattern “A Nice Ribbed Sock” by the CrazyKnittingLady. Not only does it have positive reviews on Ravelry, I also found her blog post about sock knitting super informative, so I decided to put myself in her capable hands for my first ever socks.

I’ve also already decided, after about 5 rounds of slow, tiny k1p1 stitches that this is not going to be the project I spend any of precious baby nap time on. No, this project is for the evenings, when there’s a soccer game that the husband absolutely wants to watch, and I feel like keeping him company.

2. This purple bullseye is going to become a snail. Specifically Smilla the Snail by Knitography on Etsy. It’s going to be a pretty quick knit, and make a fun addition to by baby’s stuffed animal menagerie.

A bit of back story as to why I picked up this project: I finished up the last details of my Lasse the Whale pattern last week (YAY!) I am totally excited but also terrified because the pattern being finished means that all that’s left is to put it out there for sale in the world and see if people like it, and my timid introverted side does not feel ready to do that. To boost my confidence, I decided to buy a pattern from another relatively beginner toy designer, who also sells on etsy, whose work I’ve admired for some time, and who gets great reviews from her customers. Not to copy her, but to get a sense of what is already working. So far, her pattern is wonderful and clear (not to mention cute!) and best of all, of a similar quality to my own toy pattern. I’m breathing a little easier at the thought of putting Lasse out for sale soon.

3. Finally, my forever project. The thorn-in-my-side project. The knit 10 rows, rip out 9 project. My Piet the Walrus design. The great challenge is to turn the 3-D picture in my head into a 2-D piece of knit fabric that curves into the right 3-D shape. It’s a geometry riddle. I think I might finally be on the right track. I tried and failed multiple times to start the walrus body from the head and work downward; now I’m working up from the tail. I’ll write a more detailed post about this project soon -hopefully one where you see a finished walrus.

* I should mention, last but not least, that my fair isle baby sweater is now off the needles. Once I find the perfect buttons for it, it will be done and I’ll share the finished product.