I used to be a hard-training figure skater, and these days, some of my favorite weekends are the ones where there’s figure skating to watch on TV. I watched the US Figure Skating National Championships that were held this weekend, and am starting to get really excited about the Olympics.

The first thing I think, when I want to celebrate something exciting is, “how can I knit something apt?” A whimsical new knitting project = my idea of a party.

What I really want to do is design a skater doll (she would so have been my dream doll growing up), but that would be a many-week, not a sunday afternoon project, so in the mean time I came up with Olympic Rings Knit Bracelet. Knit in sparkly yarn to evoke the winning of medals, this bracelet uses the iconic symbol of the olympic rings as a subtle decoration. Make it, wear it, share your excitement for the Olympics, without being too dorky. (okay, it’s kind of dorky. Embrace the dorky!)

In designing this, the first thing I did was to sketch the olympic rings out on graph paper to see how the symbol would translate into stitches. Then I translated the sketch into a list of k’s and p’s.

Want to make one of your own? It’s super easy. It uses only basic knit and purl stitch to form the pattern.

Olympic Rings Knit Bracelet
Needles: size 3
Yarn: fine/fingering weight yarn in your favorite sparkly color
a tapestry needle for sewing up
Cast on 32 stitches
Complete 12 rows in stockinette stitch (that’s knit one row across, purl one row across)
Begin Olympic Rings Pattern: 
Row 1: k17 p3 k12
Row 2: p11 k1 p3 k1 p16
Row 3: k15 p1 k5 p1 k10
Row 4: p9 k1 p7 k1 p14
Row 5: k14 p1 k7 p1 k9
Row 6: p9 k1 p6 k3 p13
Row 7: k12 p1 k2 p2 k4 p1 k10
Row 8: p11 k1 p2 k2 p4 k1 p11
Row 9: k10 p1 k6 p3 k12
Row 10: p13 k1 p7 k1 p10
Row 11: k10 p1 k6 p3 k12
Row 12: p11 k1 p2 k2 p4 k1 p11
Row 13: k12 p1 k2 p2 k4 p1 k10
Row 14: p9 k1 p6 k3 p13
Row 15: k14 p1 k7 p1 k9
Rows 16-29: repeat the sequence from row 14 back through row 1 in reverse
Complete as many rows in stockinette stitch as it takes for the bracelet to pass around your wrist. (For me, this was an additional 12 rows)
Cast off. Cut your yarn, leaving a long tale for sewing up the seams
The bracelet now looks like a long strip that curls in at the edges. Purl-side outward, use your tapestry needle to sew the long edges together, one stitch at a time. Flip the inside-out bracelet right-side out, and use the tapestry needle to sew the short edges together the same way.
Sewing the long edges together
Sewing the short edges together
That’s it! I’m wearing my bracelet now, pretending I’m going to take the ice and go for gold.
Just for fun, here are some old photos of me skating: