Ahhh, I’m in the mood for some coffee some easy knitting and some idle chit-chat. Preferably in a warm room with sunlight pouring through large windows. Care to join me?

–  ^ This! is happening in my city these days. I kind of go crazy when the first crocuses appear every March (just ask my husband). I get breathless and jump around and take zillions of photos of every purple clump. Last year, I knit myself my own crocuses, as well as a crocus-colored kangaroo. This year, I think I feel inspired to knit something in the purple-orange color combination. It sounds daring (and possibly disastrous… we’ll just have to see).

–  Speaking of inspiration, I visited the museum at the Gottorf Castle yesterday. I was awed by the Renaissance collection, particularly the embroidered textiles. You often see dark and heavy woven tapestries from this time, and the museum had some of these too, but there were also light linen cloths embroidered with a spontaneous style that felt like something I would love to do myself. Here’s the best photo I could manage in the dimly lit room, just so you have some idea what I’m talking about.

–  Currently on my needles: A striped dragon. An etsy customer contacted me over the weekend to request a striped dragon, because her son is a big fan of the My Father’s Dragon books, and I just love, love, love knowing this tiny fact about one of my customers and imagining his joy and imaginative play when he gets a dragon that looks just like Boris from the book. Also, if you haven’t read My Father’s Dragon, especially if you have kids between the ages of 5 and 10, you can read it for free online here. Such a fun book!
– Last but not least, a couple of days ago, I was idly checking the stats of my etsy shop as I do every couple of days. Recently the stats have been smoldering at only a couple dozen page views per day. Someday I’m going to master marketing and social media enough to improve this number, but at this point I’ve decided not to fret too much about the numbers. Imagine my amused delight when I discovered that someone, somewhere had done something and this peacock was suddenly receiving hundreds of page views per day:
In the course of 3 days, he went from being a low performer, to being the 3rd most viewed item of all time in my  entire shop. Things have quieted back down to their usual double digits since then, and I’m no wiser about marketing and increasing page views than I was before, but it was fun while it lasted. 

 How about you, what’s inspired, amused or delighted you recently?