I’ve woken up anxious in the dark for the past three nights, concerned with the thought that I need to change my shop name from “The Yarnery.” It’s not that I don’t love that name. I think it’s gentle and simple and evocative. The problem is, about a week or two after starting my etsy shop and blog, I stumbled upon the fact that another shop called “The Yarnery” already exists. The other “The Yarnery” is a fiber store in St. Paul. When I first found out about this other store that already possessed the name I had chosen, I basically ignored it. All the online platforms I wanted to use still had the words “theyarnery” up for grabs. And I figured I wasn’t really going to compete with a shop that sells yarn far away in Minnesota. But now, I’ve changed my mind. I’m buzzing with the plans I have for this shop, creative ideas to increase my visitor numbers, to sharpen my own brand, and to attract more buyers. But I can’t go full-steam ahead, can’t work to become a business with worldwide reach, if I’m afraid I am going to run into problems with my name, and conflict with this Minnesota Fiber Store. Better to change the name now, while my business is still small.

Ugh, these aren’t fun thoughts. It breaks my heart to think of my beautiful, beautiful business cards now being useless to me. But I don’t think I can move forward until I do this. And all businesses have stumbling blocks like this. Getting through them is what makes running a business so challenging and rewarding. 

I’ve got some candidate names that I’m whispering to myself as I go through my day, testing how they feel on my tongue, in my brain, on paper. Also, I’m triple and quadruple checking the internet and business-name data bases for names already taken, so that I wont make the same mistake twice. 
Stay tuned, because I’ll let you know what new name I’ve chosen tomorrow.