I remember in grad school, when I had major term papers to write, I used to have quite the extensive ritual before I could concentrate and get work done. I would wake up early, have a good breakfast, pack books, notes and laptop in my satchel and bike over to campus, where I’d enter the library, stop by the second floor coffee shop for a giant sized coffee (warm or iced, depending on the season) and a bag of chocolate covered pretzels. I’d find a dusty desk by a small window, way up on a floor that no one ever visited. I’d set up my materials and my snacks, and I’d write a couple pages in my personal diary to clear my head. Finally, finally, I’d pop in my headphones, play Chopin or Ratatat (a great electronic music duo), take a few deep breaths, and get to work. 
These days, I don’t have that kind of luxury! I have to fit in working while the baby naps, during a couple of 45 minute chunks each day. 
Although I miss the bike rides, the chocolate-covered pretzels and the high of being in “the zone” for hours of intense, focused work, I wouldn’t change places with my grad school self for a million bucks. Being a mom and trying to build a knitting pattern business is challenging but it’s work I wake up excited about every day. 
Here’s a look at my work space. As soon as I’ve tucked baby in, I dash over here (well, I tiptoe, because our floor squeaks like a million mice and is not conducive to peacefully slumbering babies) and do my best to get something done.

Items of interest, clockwise from the top left:

– Bulletin board with a couple pictures of my family that make me feel warm and fuzzy. On the right of the bulletin board is my “schedule” which was fun to make but impossible to follow, showing how my days should, ideally, progress, including mothering, working, cooking, me-time etc.

– Chocolate. I took this photo during baby’s first nap phase of the day. I’m writing this during the third, and the chocolate has been consumed. If you wanted any, sorry. Next to the chocolate, if you look really close, you can see a white pacifier camouflaging with the printer paper. There’s a bit of a poetic symmetry to this pairing of objects: I munch chocolate to de-stress, baby chomps his pacifier for the same reason.

– Lasse the Whale. I need to have him nearby to look at as I try to work through the challenges of explaining intarsia knitting and short-rows in his pattern that I’m writing up.

– Half-finished starfish pieces, needles and yarn. I’m in the final editing stages for my whale pattern, and when my head starts spinning from trying to work out the details in that project, I stop for a bit, and work on improving my starfish, drafting her pattern too.

My Little Animal Book. I borrowed this book from my son’s collection (he hasn’t noticed) because it has awesome, simple pictures that are inspiring me as I come up with plans for future knit toy animals.

– besides all this, there’s my box of knitting needles, a photograph of me and my sisters that I haven’t found a place for, and lots and lots of scattered notes.

I hope, for your sake, that your workspace is a bit less chaotic than mine!