I’ve got one of those art-a-day calendars, and I love flipping to the day’s page and pondering a new artwork while I eat breakfast. I have a silly rule with myself that I can’t flip ahead in the calendar and look at the artwork for any future date, but sometimes, like today, I can’t resist peeking and this morning I saw a most exciting word on tomorrow’s page: Frühlingsanfang. German for Start of Spring.

This means that today is officially the last day of winter friends. Throw open the windows and shout hurray!
It’s not that I don’t love winter. Winter is the ultimate knitting season, after all. But I think I might just love the end of winter more. Longer days! Sunshine! Knitting out of doors! I bought a picnic blanket the other day, the kind with a plastic underside so the damp can’t seep through. I plan on setting it out in the dappled shade of our local park, plonking the baby down next to me and knitting my heart out as often as I can. We’ll see what the baby (and the weather) thinks of this plan…
I’m getting ahead of myself, though. Spring may start tomorrow, but today is still winter, and time to celebrate the accomplishments of the season. To that end, I made this nifty little collage:
It shows all the successful projects, 11 knits and one painting, that I completed this winter. They’re all really small -no afghans among them- but still, not bad for a new mama. 
Well, it shows all of the successful projects except one. This project thus gets its own picture:
Knit baby vest. It’s pretty much the most humble project of all. No fancy stitch work, no cute animal personality. But it’s my favorite knit of the winter because it is the one I use every single day. 
It took me only a day or two of motherhood to realize how difficult it is to dress a baby for a cold winter climate. He hated in particular things being pulled over his head, and I hated in particular pulling his uncontrollable but delicate arms through sleeves. I cast on this vest with no pattern or plan, knowing only that I was desperate to give him an additional layer of warmth while minimizing the dressing struggle as much as possible. It worked, and I’m still dressing him in it almost daily. It makes me so proud, as a knitter, to have solved a real life problem with only my yarn, my needles and my imagination. 
So that’s my winter in knits. 
What knit or creative work are you particularly proud of from the season?