My first ever craft fair hasn’t even happened yet, and I’m reeling with the amount of work it takes to prepare for! People do these regularly?! As I put in the hours, trying to get the pieces to come together for my big day, I am more impressed than ever by artisans who make a living through their craft. 

Yesterday, my mom helped me to set up a practice booth in the living room. We measured out the 10 x 10 space, put out our folding card table… and found it was far to small for such a big space! I’m on the hunt for a bigger card table.

It was kind of fun to dig through the garage and attic for bits and pieces to set up the different animals and dolls on. It’s lucky I grew up in a household of with sisters, because there were doll-accessories galore to find and repurpose. Like this cute miniature wooden bucket from my old Kirsten “American Girl” doll for holding my business cards:

My booth’s display is going to be all about repurposing. Except for some fresh white foam core to make signs, I’m trying to buy very little. I love both the surprising depth of personality old repurposed items give to the set up, and the philosophy of repurposing in general. I sifted through the collection of used gift bags and gift tissue that my mom has resourcefully hung on to, setting aside the ones in good condition. Shoppers to my booth will be able to choose their favorite to hold their Yarn Birdy Purchase.

I’m also so touched by the amount of help my family members are giving me. Besides my mom, my older sister also made a scrapbook for me to display at my booth with pictures of all my knit creations. Shoppers can look through it and see something they like, even if I’ve sold out. This is what the kitchen table looked like on Thanksgiving morning: family and friends crafting time!

The most daunting aspect of all the preparation however, I have to do all on my own: namely the knitting. I still have so many wares to knit, I’d better get back to it!