Sorry about the blog silence last week. I was traveling -something I used to call “vacation” but now could more appropriately call “a week without sleep.” Does anyone out there have a baby who sleeps when on a trip? If so, tell me your secrets!

Anyway, as expected, I didn’t get as far along on my travel knitting as I hoped. I was just too tired. Oh, and even on my downtime, instead of sneaking away from the family/Easter action for some quiet knitting, I found myself sneaking away to listen obsessively to my latest audiobooks, Eleanor and Park, and Reconstructing Amelia. They were both so so addictive. I think I need to avoid downloading any new young adult love stories and thrillers for a little while if I want to get anything done.

While I get back into the swing of things over the next few days, let me show you my completed hand-sewn shirt. I wore it for its debut on Easter, and again on a warm day later in the week, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Seriously, there is not a lot that lifts my day to inspired heights like wearing a successful hand-made project. And even among the dozens of finished hand-knits I’ve worn, this hand-sewn t-shirt ranks among my most successful clothing projects.

It must have been sewing beginners luck, because I don’t think it could fit me better if it had been made by a professional.

Also, although I didn’t intend to sew the unique kinda mock-turtle collar -I had envisioned something with a very normal t-shirt collar- I’m glad that sewing collars is so hard and confusing because I love the mistaken way it turned out.