Getting my pattern for Lasse the Whale tested is moving along full throttle. This morning, I printed out four typed pages of suggestions from my testers for improvements and clarifications. They are not suggestions for improving the pattern itself, rather for how I present and teach it. Writing a smooth knitting pattern is a totally different skill than writing a coherent paragraph, that’s all I can say.

I’m going to take deep breaths and work through each editing suggestion one at a time. I’m nervous about the hard work but I’m enthusiastic about how good the finished pattern will be. Also, I hope future pattern writing will become easier with experience. (Please, god, let it become easier with experience!)

I cannot quite express my giddiness to see the photos of the finished whales my testers made. Imagine me smiling from ear to ear. Yes the pattern has some parts that need fixing, but people were able to understand my instructions enough to come up with some awesome critters. It’s quite a feeling!

 Lasse the Whale by Electronjam

Lasse the Whale by Stamp

I love how individual they both are.

I had no idea before starting the testing process how much I would like talking about and working on a project with other knitters. Being super social does not come easily to me, and (another knitting confession I’m embarrassed to admit) I’ve never joined a knit-along, or really participated much in a Ravelry group. I used to occasionally go to a knitting group back in California, but I don’t have one here in Germany. This pattern testing experience pushed me out of my shell, and guess what, it’s fun! I’m going to try to connect more to other knitters, both virtually and in person.

So speaking of connecting, what about you? Do you do a lot of knit-alongs or groups? Have you ever written a pattern to be tested? How did you find the process?