I mostly didn’t have much time to knit this summer… but I did manage to design these fellows:

Meet the miniature Peacocks!

It took me an embarrassingly long time to get a peacock I was satisfied with. Seriously, this project felt like it dragged out all summer! Especially that pesky tail: it needed to be a lot of things -curved, with lobes, colorful and able to stand upright stiffly -and I tried over a dozen different ideas before I worked out the right combination of stitches so that it does all those things.

Listed on Etsy

I finished this fellow first. My sister (the beautiful hand-model in this photo) said with this color-combination it would fit right in with the comic iPhone game Angry Birds. Hmmmm, not quite what I was going for. So I picked out new yarn and knit another bird in a more regal, peacock-y color combination:

Listed on Etsy

I can’t decide which one I like better. Each one has its own personality, and represents a different side of the peacock. I also can’t decide whether I want to list them for sale on etsy, or write up the pattern and make it available for free here on the blog. It is more complicated than any of the other patterns I’ve shared on the blog up to this point, but I think it’s so fun to make, and I love the idea of other knitters trying out their own color combinations, and sharing them in this big www community.

So what the heck, I’m doing both! Today, I listed both peacocks on etsy, cute finished knits, made by me, available for $12. Now, (even if it undercuts my own business a bit) I’m going to try to write up the pattern in a formal way, aka a way that’s legible to anyone other than me. Make sure to check back on the blog over the next few days to pick it up.

Which peacock do you prefer?