In some ways I’m still really excited about my Etsy shop, now over 2 months old. I still love all the knitting I get to do. I haven’t developed any kind of tendonitis in my fingers, despite a small fear of that when I first started. And I really love how much I’ve learned designing my own toys. Here’s a measure of my success that other knitters can understand: in all my thrilling designing and creating, I’ve almost completely worked through my yarn stash. See, that’s all I have left!

In other ways, the honeymoon period with my shop is definitely over, and I’m getting frustrated. My stumbling, untrained attempts at MARKETING have produced only lackluster results and I need to start a new phase, where I take marketing seriously, and do it methodically. This thought scares and overwhelms me, even while I firm up my determination to do it. My lovable creations deserve an audience, and for that, I need to put the out there in a hundred ways; I need to intensify my marketing.

So today I created a 30-Day Marketing Plan, according to the model described in the book Etsy-Preneurship.

I’m focusing, for now, on ways that cost only time and not money, although I’m also budgeting some time in the upcoming days for researching options in paying for advertising. 
Fortunately for me, there are a lot of ways to market for free in today’s world of online stores and social media. Unfortunately, for me, (well, I’m really hoping that eventually I’ll change my mind about this), my social media skills are kind of mediocre. My facebook friends know that I generally have a pretty low batting average in returning messages, liking posts, etc. Social media, with it’s quick, on-the-go kind of aura, gives the impression of being easy, something that shouldn’t interfere with ones busy schedule, something one can do without effort. But I have to admit, it exhausts me. 
I like blogging, it feels more sincere to me than the quickness of facebook and twitter, and that appeals to me. So this blog will be a big part of my new marketing plan. But if people aren’t finding my Etsy shop because I don’t do enough marketing, they’re going to have the same problem finding my blog. So I can’t avoid the more fast-paced social media forms entirely.
Nothing for it but to pour myself a coffee, be a big girl, and sit down to do it!
This month, in my snazzy 30-day plan, I’m focusing on Facebook, and Etsy-Teams, which I already have some experience with, and I am going to open a Pinterest account. I don’t know much about Pinterest yet, except that it’s popular, and unlike twitter, it’s visual, which is good for a crafter. 
Hey, give me a hand, if you want, and “like” my facebook page:
What other obvious marketing strategies should I use? 
If you have some marketing experience for small endeavors of your own, what have you learned, and what would you suggest?