If you’ve been to my etsy shop, or my facebook page, you’ve met Wave the baby Sea Turtle already. Well this little guy lived up to his name and made some waves elsewhere in the virtual world: he got voted the winner in the Etsy Expats Team competition for the month of September, “On the Move.” I’m so proud of my little swimmer!

In honor of Waves’ success, I’m going to share with you all how to knit the turtleshell pattern that forms the basis of Waves’ back.

You can use this pattern as part of a bigger project. Depending on the yarns you choose, and the width you decide to make it, this stitch pattern could make a great placemat… or I’d rather fancy it on a pillow… let your imagination run wild.

Turtle Shell Stitch
With green and navy yarns, or two colors of your choice.
Cast On a multiple of 8 stitches +2 in green.
this means CO 10 (8+2), or 18 (8×2+2) or 26 (8×3+2) etc.

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Knit 
Row 3: Switch to Navy. Slip 2 (green) stitches without knitting them. Knit 6 (navy). repeat until you have 2 stitches left. slip last 2 (green stitches) without knitting them.

Knit Side         Purl Side
Row 4: Slip all the green stitches without purling them. Purl all the navy stitches
Row 5: Slip all the green stitches without knitting them. Knit all the navy stitches.
Row 6: Repeat Row 4
Row 7: Switch back to green. Knit all the stitches, including the slipped stitches.
Row 8: Knit
Row 9: Switch back to navy. Knit 4 (navy). Slip 2 (green) without knitting them. Knit 6 (navy). Slip 2 (green). Knit 4 (navy).
Row 10: Purl 4 (navy). Slip 2 (green). Purl 6 (navy). Slip 2 (green) Purl 4 (navy)
Row 11: Repeat Row 9
Row 12: Repeat Row 10

Repeat this set of 12 rows until your knitting has the desired length. Repeat Rows 1 & 2 one more time so that your knitting ends nicely with green, to mirror how it began. Bind off.