Look! I found a little knit witch hiding among the leaves on my balcony this morning. Good thing, too, because I’ve put up zero Halloween decorations so far, so she’ll be just perfect to give a little holiday fun to my apartment.

You in the same last-minute boat as me? Want to knit up a fun little witch to spice up your decorations before the holiday? She’ll take you two hours to knit, three tops. I based her on my super popular (and quick) Little Ghost pattern -double the fun if you make both a little Ghost and a little Witch.

Plus, she’s a magic witch and can fly around the house on your fingers.

It’s an intermediate level pattern, but because the witch is small, if you already know techniques like knitting in the round, k2tog etc. she comes together very quickly. Here’s the pattern:


Little Witch Pattern

You Need: Scraps of black and green worsted weight yarn (I used simply soft solids), 4 DPNs size 4 or similar, black and red embroidery thread and a needle.

Abbreviations: DPNs = double pointed needles
K = knit
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together into 1
YO = yarn over. wrap the yarn around the needle to create an extra stitch
SKPO = slip one, knit one, pass the slipped stitch over to decrease by 1 stitch
BO = Bind Off

Body and Hat (knit in the round)With Black, Cast On 33 stitches and divide evenly over 3 DPNs (11 stitches per needle)

Round 1 (and all odd rounds through round 9): Knit

Round 2: [k2tog, K3, YO, K4, SKPO] repeat 3 times for the round
you now have 30 stitches on your needles, having decreased 6 times and increased 3 times.

Round 4: [k2tog, K3, YO, K3, SKPO] repeat 3 times: 27 stitches

Round 6: [k2tog, K2, YO, K3, SKPO] repeat 3 times: 24 stitches

Round 8: [k2tog, K2, YO, K2, SKPO] repeat 3 times: 21 stitches

Round 10: [k2tog, K1, YO, K2, SKPO] repeat 3 times: 18 stitches

Round 11: Knit

Switch to Green (for witch’s face)

Rounds 12-18: Knit

Switch to Black (for witch’s hat. You will have to rearrange the stitches on your DPNs a couple times as you work through the decreases on hat. And when you get down to 5 stitches remaining, it’s easier to divide the stitches onto 2 DPNs and work them with a third)

Round 19: k2tog K7 k2tog K7: 16 stitches

Round 20: K1 k2tog K6 k2tog K5: 14 stitches

Round 21: K2 k2tog K5 k2tog K3: 12 stitches

Round 22: K3 k2tog K4 k2tog K1: 10 stitches

Round 23: K4 k2tog K4: 9 stitches

Round 24: K5 k2tog K2: 8 stitches

Round 25: K6 k2tog: 7 stitches

Round 26: k2tog K5: 6 stitches

Round 27: K1 k2tog k3 5 stitches

Round 28: K2 k2tog K1: 4 stitches

Round 29: k2tog k2tog: 2 stitches


Weave the ends inside the witch so that they do not show. With black and red embroidery thread and needle, embroider on eyes and mouth.

Hat Brim (knit flat, then sewn on)with Black, CO 19

Row 1: [kfb] 19 times: 38 stitches

BO loosely, leaving a tail of yarn approx. 6 inches long
Sew the short ends together and the brim to the witches hat using the tail of yarn.

show off your little Witch on instagram (#yarnbirdy), Facebook (@yarnbirdy) or ravelry because I’d love to admire it!