Lasse the Little Blue Whale Knitting Pattern

Nov 11, 2015 | Knitting Pattern | 2 comments

After months, of talking about it, writing up the design, getting it tested, editing the design and then psyching myself up to take the final step, Lasse the Little Blue Whale, is now a published pattern, available for purchase over at the Yarn Birdy Etsy Shop.

Oh my goodness, I can’t even begin to express my excitement about finally publishing a pattern. (Well I’ve “published” plenty of patterns on the blog, but making a pattern for sale required a whole other level of precision and perfectionism.) It was both a huge learning process for me, and a major mental hurdle. 

Let me talk instead about the details of the pattern: Lasse is knit flat and then stuffed and seamed at the end. I knit Lasse with bulky yarn and 4.5mm (US size 7) knitting needles, but my test knitters knit him with all sorts of needle/yarn combinations, and their Lasses turned out great. The key is to knit him with a needle size and yarn that work together to knit up tightly so that Lasse holds his shape and his stuffing. 

Lasse includes intarsia and short row techniques, so is not a pattern for a total beginner… BUT, I really think that if you’re comfortable with kniting, purling and reading instructions from a pattern, you could totally succeed in knitting Lasse. Toys are the best projects with which to try out new techniques, because they’re small and don’t need to fit anyone. Besides, I’ve included detailed instructions for the intarsia and short rows in a reference section at the end of the pattern. 

The whole pattern, available as instant download from etsy, or from ravelry is 6 pages long, in English. 

Enjoy Lasse! I can’t wait to see how your whales turn out. 


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